The Spanish Revolution was one of the largest wars in RoNation history and Spain's bloodiest war that took place in April of 2013. The Revolution was actually a war between the Real Espana Movement and Cuba. The Real Espana Movement (REM) was a joint allied force of the previous Spanish Government along with: Spanish Citizens, Czechoslovakia, the United Kingdom, the Italian Republic, the Republic of Ireland, the Russian Federation, the Republic of France, and the United States of America.

Causes of the War Edit

During March 2013, Spain's government had been nurturing a growing hatred for Commander In Chief Bencoolkid. The Spanish monarchy and cabinet often referred to Ben as a dictator, as he would refuse to listen to any requests or demands. The propaganda to the right shows Ben burning the Spanish flag which represents freedom, equality, and opportunity.

The situation took a turn for the worst when Ben summoned the monarchy and cabinet of Spain to his meeting place in early-April. Ben had purposed a merge with RobinHo0d's Cuba, and called for a vote to pass the merge. Despite the results being 5 to 1 against the merge, Ben took it upon himself to go through with the merge anyway. That being said, the group was handed over to Robin on the 6th of April and Spain became a protectorate of Cuba. Immediately Robin exiled the Spanish Government who was in opposition to the merge:


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